Vincent Kruger — Game Developer


This a collection of various games/projects I made throughout the years.
Maybe something catches your eye.

CokaRoach A 2D-Endless runner made in MonoGame(XNA) as part of our college's MonoGame course. This was a 3-man project, I did the majority of the coding and also made most of the in-game sounds by mouth.

Main Menu. Created using enumerations.

Gameplay Screen

An easter egg when clicking on the main menu.

Gameplay Video

Kings Created for MGSA CompI

For more info see: My Entry For CompI

It uses and abuses the characters created by Evan Greenwood/FreeLives.

Duck U! This was made for Padstal Game Jam #2 using Unity. A 4-player arena battle where you play as a duck.

2-Player Gameplay. Actually me just playing with both hands.

4-Player split-screen.

Dungeon Crawler For our final C++ college project we were required to implement a few things, such as arrays, pointers etc. We were told it is fine if we simply have them all implemented alone, ex: Press 1 for iterating an array, Press 2 for accessing a pointer etc.

However, I wanted to implement them together and the idea of a text-based game came to mind. This is the end-result, I have a few items that can drop to improve stats and monsters level up as you progress.

Start Screen

Example of fighting. It works on a DnD type system where your roll (D20) needs to beat their armor class to be able to do damage.

PacMan Clone I made this out of curiosity. I read about the different AI each ghost has and set of to try and do it.
That ended up being the easy part, as I created this in VisualStudio using only WindowsForms+C#. So I had to code the collisions so PacMan doesn't go through walls etc.

I had a blast though, oh and the map (including the spawns of the player and ghosts) is controlled and generated from a text-file, so you can build custom maps.

Forgot To crop this one out.

Gameplay Video

Casino Game – Download

This was made in Visual Studio Windows Forms as a college project

When getting a match of 2.

Gameplay Video

Invoker Training I made this while I was bored in class and before I actually had played Invoker. I believe this is where my love for the hero started.
Link to my DotaBuff

Me practicing some combos.

Generic Sidescroller I made this for a live workshop/class I gave to the students at my college to get them used to Unity.

Gameplay Video. Jumping on an enemy’s head kills it.

Street (Cat) Fighter I made this for a second live workshop/class I gave to the students at my college showing them some more advanced 2D concepts. Like raycasts and timing functions with animations.

Pressing in a direction along with an appropriate action button like kick allows you to highkick/lowkick etc.

Gameplay Video

R2-D2 An R2-D2 I modeled in 3DS-Max.

I know my polys aren’t the best, I have since learnt to have cleaner polys.

V-Bingo This was made for GGJ-2016, my first ever game jam. I worked on a group where they gave the gameplay ideas and art and I implemented the programming.

Death Sprite

Gameplay Video

RollABall – Download

I started with the Roll-A-Ball tutorial from Unity when learning and built-upon it ending with this.

When enough points have been collected, the beam changes color indicating you can now finish the level

Tron 2D A 2-Player face off, where hitting an existing wall kills you, and the lighter colored areas represent where you can cross. Made using WindowsForms and C#

Gameplay Video

Shooter Game – Download

A simple game we made as part of our MonoGame Course

Ghost Game One of the first games I made for our games development course at college. It is a memory game where you need to remember the sequence in which the ghosts appeared.
Droppa – Download

A simple game I made in VisualStudio when I was bored in class.

Pong Basic – Download

I always make a pong game when learning a new language. It all started in highschool with Delphi and I have since done it in almost every language I have learned, even in MS Access as a VBA script. This one is C#